Careline Alarms

Are you worried about a family member, friend or neighbour’s safety when they are home alone? Could they do with a little additional help to keep them safe at home?
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Ensure your Elderly safety outdoors

Living in the United Kingdom we are used to bad weather. Especially in the wintertime, we are very likely to be affected by heavy rainfall, ice and possibly even snow.
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Let your parents age, independent and safe

As we grow old, so do our beloved parents. And while no matter how much they assure us that they are doing fine by themselves, when we are busy pursuing our lives, we cannot overlook the fact that human body can weaken as we reach our senior years.
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Careline Alarms

One of our main concerns every day is our family member’s safety. It is even more concerning when we worry about our aging parents or grandparents - who looked after us when we were children.
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Nothing can ever be of more importance to us than our family member’s and loved one’s safety.
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Medical Alert Systems

A lot of people prefer living in their own house instead of a nursing home when they get old.
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Elderly patient and caregiver

Home Fall Detection for the Elderly

A major threat that the elderly who live alone face is falling down. Falling down can be scary for anyone, however, as people age, it can be more dangerous.
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Careline Emergency Response

A lot of people would rather live in the comfort of their own house than in a nursing home when they get older.
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Happy caregiver with elder patient on the wheelchair

Alert Alarms

The most common reason behind hospitalisations and major injuries for people above the age of 65 is falling down.
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Fall Alarm – Your Guardian Angel

One of the most significant threats faced by elderly people is falling. We are all scared to fall, but once we reach a certain age, falling down affects us far more than it did when we were young.
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